An Overview

Experiential visual artist, immersive storyteller & filmmaker,  dreaming, living & creating at the bleeding-edge junction of
art + technology + audience.


I was a film critic, film festivals editor and frequent juror, panelist and moderator on the international film festival circuit for a decade, writing for Cinematical, Movie City News, Indiewire and Variety. I am the on-air co-host for The Daily Buzz, a public radio program and podcast that broadcasts from the Sundance Film Festival and  SXSW. I have a well-established history of writing about feminist issues, access and diversity across pop culture, film and tech.

In 2011 I shifted over to film production, making my short film “Bunker” (which I wrote, produced and directed) and then working for three years for Wizards of the Coast founder Peter Adkison, helping him build his film production company and producing and directing many projects for his company.  In 2015 I decided to realign my focus more on my own art, and co-founded WonderTek Labs, a boutique 360/XR content and consulting firm; in 2016 we produced and directed one of the first ever 360 3D stereoscopic music videos, for Seattle indie music legends The Posies.

We are recently worked with Super Geek League on a live-streaming in-show video integration for their off-Broadway Hallucination Engine show at Gramercy Theater in NYC and are in various stages of development and production on several other creative projects. Our company was recently accepted into the Google Jumpstart Initiative program, giving us a loan of their $17K Jump Odyssey rig, and we currently have six 360 projects in various stages of funding and production, along with a feature-length flattie documentary about NighTraiN, the world’s first all-Black female punk rock band.

The backbone of our consulting business is 360/XR event producing for film, music and art festivals.  Current and recent fest and enterprise space clients include Seattle International Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festival, Harlem International Film Festival, deadCENTER Film Festival, Oxford Film Festival, Capitol Hill Block Party, and Pike Electric. We’ve also consulted for some of the leading names in the VR space, including Dr. Tom Furness (“the grandfather of virtual reality”), Virtual World Society, Brett Leonard and Scott Ross (Virtuosity VR), and Furious M (producers of groundbreaking 360 episodic narrative “Defrost.” You can learn more about my company at the WonderTek Labs website.

I love experimenting on the bleeding edge where music, film and art intersect with emerging tech, and collaborating with smart, passionate, creative humans.


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