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My passion for the Digital Contemporary Art space arose from the intersection of my areas of personal artistic interests with emerging tech.  My work as CEO and Chief Imaginator of WonderTek Labs has allowed me to bring to the table my life’s varied intersectional work as an artist, writer, critic, technical and film producer and curator. As a fluid multi-hyphenate creative brain by nature, I’ve adapted very well to the demands of a running an emerging tech / XR consulting studio whose work might range from coming up with ideas for immersive and interactive art or music installations, to building and curating a VR program for a film or music festival, to working in partnership with consultants from various business sectors in applying these emerging techs to their own space.

I was a film critic, film festivals editor and frequent juror, panelist and moderator on the international film festival circuit for a decade, writing for Cinematical, Movie City News, Indiewire and Variety. I am the on-air co-host for The Daily Buzz, a public radio program and podcast that broadcasts from the Sundance Film Festival and  SXSW.

In 2011, I shifted my work focus over to film production, making my short film “Bunker” (which I wrote, produced and directed) and then working for three years for Wizards of the Coast founder Peter Adkison, helping him build his film production company and producing and directing many projects for his company.  In 2015 I co-founded WonderTek Labs, LLC, an XR content and consulting studio, to bring all my interests across the arts + tech together in helping shape the future these emerging technologies promise.

You can learn more about our company at the WonderTek Labs website.

In addition to our consulting work, I am occasionally available for speaking engagements and teaching workshops. Currently my availability for these engagements is around the following topics:

Tapestry 360 – A mentor-focused 360 storytelling camp (for youth or adults)

XR and the Future of Immersive Storytelling  – A broad overview of advancements in 360/VR/XR and how they are shifting the future of how stories will be shared and consumed.

360/VR 101 for Filmmakers – A more technical overview of the evolving emerging tech space, for traditional film/video producers, directors, DPs and editors.

Deconstructing Cinema – Wherein we learn to understand cinematic storytelling and film criticism by taking a great film and analyzing it scene by scene to learn why it works.

Screenplay Breakdown (where we learn how to break down a script and analyze its strengths and weaknesses using a structured format to evolve and improve screenplays through the rewrite process).

If you’re interested in booking me for speaking engagements / guest lectures / artist-in-residency or want to talk to me about a teaching workshop or camp, you can email me at


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